Diamondback Edgewood: Ride in style



For fitness enthusiasts who are looking for stylish and comfortable ride Diamondback Edgewood is an excellent option as it is equipped with both of these qualities. It is a hybrid bike so it ensures a more efficient and comfortable ride. The bike is made of light frame construction which makes it easy to carry and gives off a much faster result than other bikes. For more details on the product please read the below information were features and review of the product is discussed in details.

Features of Diamondback Edgewood:

Here are some features of Diamondback Edgewood

Frame material: The frame material is composed of Aluminum 6061-T6 which ensures its strong and sturdy construction.

Smooth riding: The suspension fork is a 63mm travel sport front. This feature ensures the comfort of the riders by making the riding experience smoother and less jerky.

Gear: The gear is made of Shimano TX55 thus it is flexible and swift.

Review of Diamondback Edgewood:

Diamondback Edgewood has a classy design. It is comfortable to ride. It is suitable for everyone regardless of their shapes and sizes. The bike is made of quality material thus it is very durable. Despite of its good attributes, there are few drawbacks. The pros and cons of Diamondback Edgewood bike is mentioned below.


  • Has a concrete and sturdy construction.
  • Has a very stylish and a classy look.
  • The brakes ensure safe stopping.
  • The gear shifters are compact and smooth.
  • The bike is suitable for everyone.
  • It is made of good quality material which makes it very durable.
  • Bike frame is made up of low density material so it is easier to control.


  • The tires are not suitable for rough surfaces


Therefore for anyone who is looking for a stylish, efficient, strong and sturdy construction bike, Diamondback Edgewood is the ideal option. This bike makes up a wonderful companion for an adventurous but comfortable long rides.

Diamondback Edgewood: Ride in style

Best Bike Multi Tools: Your All in One Bike Maintenance Tools


Cycling is advantageous to both physical and mental health. Environment protectionists also promote regular cycling as it decreases pollution and warming. This delightful and exciting form of exercise is getting popularity exponentially. But sometimes we get into troublesome situation resulting from some unwanted problems of our bikes.

A bike multi tool is one invention that gets you out of almost all minor problems regarding your bike. A good multi tool allows you to effectively deal with any maintenance issues you might come across while out on a ride. It can be called a swiss army knife for the bikers.

Things To Be Looked For:
Before making a purchase of a bike multi tool, you should keep in mind the following things.

A desirable multi tool should include all the necessary tools required to resolve mechanical complications whilst out for a ride.

Product Price
The expense of the product to be purchased should be considered as one significant issue for middle class consumers.

Weight and Size
They should be small and light as carrying heavy big ones would be a tough task while riding.

The Multi Tool with its core features must be available when required. You can get our selected bikes at Amazon.

Review Of The Best Five:
After intensive research work, we came up with the following products as the best ones.

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (M-19)

  • 19 tools included
  • Universal chain tool provided
  • Comes in a tool flask
  • 4 spoke wrench sizes


  • Can fix while riding
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight


  • No tire lever
  • Problematic chain tool

User Ratings: 4.6 stars

VeloChampion MLT10 Multi Tool

  • 10 different features
  • Made up of Steel / Alloy /Anodised
  • 2 different colors available
  • 75mm x 38mm x 15mm in size


  • Attractive design
  • Reasonable price
  • Numerous efficient tools


  • A bit heavy

User Ratings: 4.7 stars

Topeak Alien II Multi Tool

  • 26 tools
  • Size: 1.61 x 1.69 x 3.39 inches
  • 2 different screwdrivers
  • 2 tire levers


  • Versatile
  • Usable in household works
  • Quality materials


  • Big bulky size

User Ratings: 4.6 stars

Lezyne V10 Multi Tool

  • Size: 7 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Made of nickel-plated chrome vanadium
  • 2 spoke wrenches
  • 2 Phillips-head screwdrivers


  • Strong and well built
  • Smart design


  • Tiny tools cannot do heavy tasks

User Ratings: 4.6 stars

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (M-17)


  • Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 1 inches
  • Material: 6051 high tensile steel
  • 7 hex wrench sizes available
    Phillips and Flathead screwdriver


  • Small, lightweight
  • Quality materials used
  • Impressive looks


  • Poor chain tool
  • Roughly sharp edges

User Ratings: 4.6 stars

Bike multi tools roughly tends to be of same design. They are something more than just your riding companion. They provide safety and certainty to the bikers. A multi tool ensures that no awkward situation can interrupt your riding amusement and hilarity.

We have tried to serve you the best by selecting and reviewing the top multi tools available in the market. It is expected that you will enjoy tension free and relaxing rides carrying any of these products. Happy biking!

Best Bike Multi Tools: Your All in One Bike Maintenance Tools




With the rapidly growing prominence of Mountain Biking, manufacturers are coming with innovative and better concepts. The consideration of the facts of security and contentment has become a prime focus for the riders as well as the producers.

If an economical and trustworthy trail ready bike for amusement and exercise is what one is looking for, the lightweight Diamondback Overdrive 29er Mountain Bike will be one of the best options. This flexible and convenient bike comes with progressive features aiming at strength, durability and efficiency.


This Diamondback Overdrive 29er bike features a number of special characteristics that make it a unique one. The qualities make the riding highly delightful. Some of the exclusive features of this bike are given below.


The bike has huge wheels, 29 inches in diameter. They can roll over any kind of impediments, independent of the size, with much comfort; making it greatly effortless to travel over various trails as well as to reduce over dependence on suspension. Besides this, great amusement while cruising over different tracks is guaranteed by the impressive traction and speed of the wheels.


Diamondback Overdrive also features a shafted 6061-T6 featherweight aluminum alloy frame which makes the bike optimally strong. The characteristic of being extremely light makes it conveniently maneuverable and easy to ride and command.


This mountain bike is provided with finest quality hydraulic brakes. They are able to perform sufficiently right, without damaging to the rims or brake pad, independent of wet, muddy or dry conditions. They are sturdy and amazingly persuasive brakes. Confidence and safety are guaranteed by these brakes while taking the bike to a cutoff.


This Diamond Overdrive 29er Mountain Bike will provide the rider with an unwrinkled and deluxe suspension experience. The design incorporates the 100mm SR Suntour travel suspension fork. This fork offers better command and optimum amenity as one rides the bike.


The Shimano SL-M310 8spd Rapid fire shifters and the Shimano Acera dual pull derailleur provide a smooth and reliable shift through the 24-gear combo. This enables one to switch to various levels of speeds depending on the trail and obviously rider’s personal choice.

The 24 speed drive-train surrounds 3 chain rings on the front crank and 8 cogs on the back cassette, providing the rider with 24 separate gear combos.


  • Tremendously pleasing
  • Great entry level mountain bike
  • Specially designed tires to work perfectly on a wide range of terrains
  • Adjustable front suspension can easily be altered to suit the rider’s preference
  • Efficient and safe braking guaranteed by superior hydraulic braking system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tires with great traction help to embellish grip navigating on different grounds
  • The different size options make it perfect for people of all heights
  • Extremely helpful customer services


  • Uncomfortable seat, especially in case of long rides
  • The rear derailleur may need readjustment
  • Poor packaging


The average user rating of this bike is 4.2 out of 5 stars.


This high performance bike is one of the best ones, especially for beginners. It offers a secure, trustworthy and amazing riding. This economical Diamond Overdrive is a very reliable bike guaranteeing the best value for the money.


Beiou Toray T700: Your Best Bike

Beiou Mountain Bike


If you’re one in every of them World Health Organization needs to relish the life with adventures,thrills and excitements victimization his or her vehicle, you’ve got clicked within the right place. Here we have a tendency to square measure getting to offer a trustworthy review of Beiou Toray T700 that is taken into account as an ideal companion of mount to an oversized range of individuals.

Again this bike is assembled with top quality parts that square measure obtainable within the market. Moreover, the upkeep of this bike is far easier compared to others.


Beiou Toray T700 is {made|is built} with Toray T700 Carbon Fiber that made the bike light-weight moreover as sturdy. the main advantage of shopping for a off-roader with Carbon Fiber Frame is unbelievable sturdiness.

Carbon Fiber framed bikes square measure quite capable of riveting shock. So, this one is meant in such how to require the bulk of the shocks so riders will expertise abundant power tool and a lot of gratifying ride.


Brake may be a crucial a part of a bicycle as a result of on the aptitude of brake the standard and security of riding a motorcycle depends plenty. This bike contains twin hydraulic brakes that allows the rider a lot of consistent braking altogether conditions. it’s additionally less expensive to switch a worn rotor than a full wheel.

It is the most effective for steep or wet parcel and works with less finger strain. However, this consistency of brake makes the bike dominant easier.

3. SPEED management SYSTEM:

Without responsive speed dominant system the effectiveness and security of riding bike expires quickly. This bike encompasses a fantastic speed dominant system along side SHIMANO ALTUS 370 (9S) that allows the rider to accelerate or decelerate his/her bike speed in line with his/her can. However, it’s distinguished record of sprocket along side secondary execution Shimano Altus 370 speed controller.


This bike has lighter wheels along side atomic number 13 Alloy rim material which may improve handling by reducing unsprung mass and allow suspension to perform well within the needed mean solar time. this type of wheels provide a lot of prodigious quality over immaculate metals, that makes the tire well softer and a lot of versatile. though atomic number 13 alloy is lighter however the strength remains same to furnish finer heat conductivity.


This bike are a good alternative for its top quality components that square measure greatly available within the native and on-line market at an affordable worth moreover. However, this bike needs a minimum maintenance which may be done by even anyone.

As a result, the rider will use his/her caring bike for long-standing the maximum amount as he/she needs. Moreover, this bike is incredibly snug to ride due to its position parts, structure and options.


  • It is snug enough for having associate exciting ride.
  • Strong and well structured to suit with the rider’s body.
  • Durable for victimization long amount.
  • The components and parts square measure obtainable at affordable worth in markets.
  • Easy to assemble and encompasses a sensible balance.
  • Lightweight
  • Good enough at intervals an affordable worth.


  • We failed to realize any cons however concerning this bike. We’ll continue the hunt and positively update you concerning the cons as before long as we have a tendency to stumble upon any.


For an infatuated mountaineer, excellent|an ideal off-roader means that plenty and to realize that perfect alternative he or she is going to ne’er compromise evidently. thus don’t be late rather get your one and roar with joy!

Beiou Toray T700: Your Best Bike

26 vs 29 Mountain Bike: No More Dilemma



Whilst there are many people advocating for both 29 and 26 inch wheels, in case of mountain biking, selection of a wheel size is just compared with selecting a sports team.

Traditionally, mountain bikes have used 26 inch wheels; however the introduction of the 29er, with bigger 700c-sized tires and wheels uprooted this legacy, and is taking over so much of the mountain biking market to the extent that it could altogether replace 26-inch wheel bikes.

Although both of the wheels have a utility in various mountain biking styles due to their distinctive riding uniqueness, some people suffer from dilemma about should they buy a 26 or 29 Mountain bike. To ease the decision making process and to erase away the dilemma from their mind our effort has taken the shape of this article.


While choosing the appropriate mountain bike size, one should forget about the length of the crank, saddle height or size of the frame, rather he or she should think about; is he or she a 29er or a 26er?

For one to get a clear answer for this question, they first of all need to understand the differences between a 26 and 29 mountain bike. A 29er mountain bike is build to operate on 700cc pair of wheels. On the other hand, a 26er runs on 650cc wheels.


Before we dive deeper into which bike will work best for you, it’s important to take a look at this bigger wheel size and note how it generally affects the biking experience.


This one rolls over roots and rocks easier because of its wider circumference.
It covers more distance per pedal revolution.
Higher volume of air in the tires ensures smooth out ride.

The world of racing has greatly hugged the 29er for these amazing benefits it has brought to the trail.


This features larger weight as a result of larger wheels.
It is tricky to maneuver in twisty, tight single track.
Longer travel {5.5″ and above} 29s feel really big.
Geometry and sizing issues with small riders.
Large diameter needs stiff wheel fork and build to prevent deflection.


Whenever thinking about what the 26 inch bike platform in the mountain biking program, it’s actually pretty easy and simple. You get some cool benefits of 26ers that you can’t really derive from the 29ers.


Rolls over rocks and roots easier due to the wider circumference
Smaller size equals smaller weight
Smaller radius doesn’t call for stiff wheel fork and build in order to prevent deflection
Ideal for short riders


Doesn’t roll over roots and rocks easily because of its smaller circumference
Short distance covered in every pedal revolution
Geometry and sizing issues when converting your 26er to 29er.


While choosing between the 26er and 29er mountain bike, there are a couple of personal questions that you should ask yourself. You will need to have clear answers before making your final decision. As with other many things in life, there aren’t any right answers that fit every person.

Moreover, some more factors should be kept in consideration that are follows by:

How tall are you
How much travel are you really hoping to achieve?
What kind of trails do you often ride?

After analysing all this factors you can choose the right one for yourself and enjoy the thrill of mountaineering.

26 vs 29 Mountain Bike: No More Dilemma

26″ GENESIS V2100 MEN’S MOUNTAIN BIKE: Your Perfect Companion

26 Genesis V2100


Are you a passionate biker who want to ride on off-road terrain, climb up steep hills, or ride down even steeper hills? To do so, your regular commuter bike can not deliver you the perfect utility. So here comes the competent wheeled vehicle named 26″ GENESIS V2100 MEN’S MOUNTAIN BIKE.

With all well made features of this wonderful bicycle anyone can made his or her mountaineering experience thrilling as well as exciting. With its Shimano gearing system, front disc brake, suspension fork, rear V brake, durable tires and dual-suspension frame, Genesis V2100 offers an amazing riding experience comparable to none. Here’s a comprehensive review of the Genesis V2100 men’s bike.

AMAZING COMFORT: With a full suspension frame made of aluminum this bike will not only make the the bike durable but also make it lightweight. As a result anyone can make a hilarious riding. Downhill riding, climbing, and off-road cycling is extremely comfortable with Genesis, because of 80mm suspension fork has been designed with comfort in mind.

To accommodate riders’ weight, the bike features rear shocks, that enhance rider comfort via the 80mm adjustable travel coil.

INCREDIBLE STOPPING POWER: Discoursing about the halting power of the bike, there is nothing to laugh at rather a rear V brake and a front disc brake will allow you to break suddenly without compromising your safety in any way.

Superior quality aluminum has been used for the Shimano brake levers, with integrated promax components being used for the disc brakes.

SMOOTH GEARING: The gearing system of Genesis V2100 is designed by Shimano. The system is made up of a 21-speed drive-train, which ensures that easy and precise shifting is possible on any kind of trail.

Moreover, the rear and the front derailleur on the Genesis will allow you for having easy riding as changing the gears is now a smooth and trouble free action meant to heighten biking experience.

GREAT TIRES: Tires of any bike is a crucial part or component as the smoothness of the ride depends mostly on it. 26” Genesis V2100 is outfitted with both long-lasting and wide tires. Further, this tires can certainly give the rider an unrivaled traction on rugged paths or trails.

This great feature hugely reduces the probabilities of bikers falling and hurting themselves. It means that the bike is an awesome option for anyone considering a bike with high safety factors.


  • This bike is considered as high safety factor.
  • It is affordable for maximum riders.
  • It adjusts to people of varying heights.
  • Genesis is featured with smooth gear changing.
  • It is constructed with sturdy alloy suspension fork and frame.


  • The bike’s warranty covers parts only.
  • Since it requires being assembled, this can be difficult for individuals who aren’t experienced in bike assembly.
  • The handlebar strips easily and is loose.
  • The pedals are flimsy and plastic; nonetheless they can be substituted with aluminum alternatives.


As the design and performance of this bike are the core sealing points, this excellent one has been already sold big, and based on many customers reviews. However the important fact to note that is this bike isn’t a pro bicycle but rather a bicycle for recreational and entry level mountain biking. So if you utilize it for professional uses this may end up with damage within few months.

26″ GENESIS V2100 MEN’S MOUNTAIN BIKE: Your Perfect Companion

Bike Multi-tools – The Doctor of Bicycle

Multi Bike Tools


Riding bike is always full of endless excitement as well as immense pleasure. It also the best alternative of exercise. While cycling has all positive sides, sometimes we have to tolerate troublesome situation due to the unexpected problems of bike while riding. However, to change this unwanted situation into a hilarious time passing there is cycle doctor named ‘’Bike Multi-tools’’.

What is Bike Multi-tools?

A Bike Multi-tools is a handy device that equipped with a dozen or more individual tools in different sizes.Those tools are ready to fix each and every repairing of bike.

Common features of a multi-tools:

All the bike multi-tools are built up with some common tools which are most urgent for regular repairing. Chain Tool, Hex Wrench, Open Wrench, Phillips Screwdriver, Spoke Wrench, Torx and Flat Head Screwdriver are the very common tools of bike multi-tools.

Comparison Table:

SL Name of The Multi-tools Price (In Amazon) USD 5 Star Rating in Amazon Number of Tools Brand Name
01. Crank Brothers Multi-19 tool 21.99 70% 19 CrankBrothers
02. Topeak Alien Multi-Tool 35.27 70% 26 Topeak
03. VeloChampion MLT10 11.75 77% 10 VeloChampion

Top Three Bike Multi-tools

CrankBrothers Multi-19 Tools:

If someone is looking for fashionable as well as efficient tool, Multi-19 tools is undoubtedly for them. For common repairing  M19 built up with a universal chain tool, two Phillips and two flathead screwdrivers, four different size spoke wrenches,7 hex wrenches and a T25 torx driver for disc brake.All things are packed in lightweight carrying case which is made of stainless steel. So,who are looking for such features and services can go for M19.


  • It weighs only 175g.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Chain tool is problematic.

Topeak Alien Multi-tool:

Topeak has produced a pretty innovative toolbox that is used by both amateur riders as well as professionals for it’s user-friendly pull-apart design. It’s small size is perfect for placing into your hydration pack or in trousers pocket. This multi-tool equipped with a chain tool, 15mm pedal wrench, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm box-end wrenches, a T25 torx, two tire levers, 14-gauge & 15-gauge spoke wrenches along with two flathead and Phillips screwdrivers. It weighs 270/0.60 lbs and it has 8 x5 x3 inches dimension.


  • Tolls are made of stainless steel.
  • Can be used for household purposes.


  • Big & bulky.

Velochampion MLT10:

Bikers who really wants a multi-tools focusing on both design and efficiency, Velochampion has brought a product named MLT10 for those fashionable bikers. This tool is a combination of functionality, durability, versatility as well as fabulous design. It has introduced with 10 most essential tools for daily cycling. All features are in one hex wrench set which made of Alloy/Steel/Anodised. This top rated multi-tool includes a phillips screwdriver, a flat screwdriver, seven hex wrenches of different sizes (2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm) and a T25 Torx. With this tool you can go out and perfectly repair all problems of your bike in a trouble free manner.


  • It weighs only 70g.
  • Amused design.
  • It’s inexpensive.


  • Non cons found yet.


As all bikers want to enjoy unlimited excitement and thrilling by cycling, So no one wants to face embarrassing situation due to mechanical problems while riding. For those bike lovers we have given the above information for trouble free and enjoyable bike riding.

Bike Multi-tools – The Doctor of Bicycle