Best Dirt Jump Bike


For adventure lovers, one of the thrilling and exciting forms of recreation is Dirt Jumping. Dirt Jumping refers to a certain style of biking that contains tall jumps usually made of dirt and mud. Although they will often have a gap, it must be cleared.

Since this is not similar to other forms of cycling, you will need a special wheeled-vehicle to gain a hilarious yet safe dirt jumping experience. Moreover, the safety and the adventure level will depend on how good the machine is, that you have chosen. So, there is no other option to select the perfect dirt jump bike for yourself except gaining enriched knowledge about this special genre.


1. 2015 REDLINE D26:

Discoursing of dirt jump bikes the name of 2015 Redline D26 is not avoidable at all. The 2015 Redline D26 has been uniquely designed for dirt jump riding. It possesses 26-inch wheels with a Chromoly frame presenting 100 mm of travel. Generally, it is a dirt jump mountain bike.

This bike is specially designed to catch the air by jumping and perform awesome tricks. As the D26 owns a hardtail frame, so it will be more maneuverable than other of its competitors. That is why tricks will be easier to perform with softer landings. It is made of Chromoly (chrome molybdenum steel), which is lighter than traditional steel.


The second choice that should not be avoided is 2015 Specialized P.3 Bike. For getting a marvelous thrilling experience of dirt jumping 2015 Specialized P.3 bike is here waiting for you to allow you such excellent features that can be really appreciable as well as satisfactory to you.

This legendary P.3 is constructed with a butted A1 aluminum frame that can pop off your face with grace and ease. This premium light frame allows riders to own a strong yet tough ride that helps to handle progression over your ever-loving snot ride.

3. 2015 GIANT STP SS:

Our third choice comes with 2015 Giant STP SS which is another legend in the world of dirt jump bikes. Giant is presenting such a futuristic bike that can satisfy dirt jumpers’ thrust for ultimate frisson. This bike is quite capable enough to provide riders the ultimate pleasure of dirt jumping with its great features which will let you have handy tricks.

However, no matters whether there are shifty bits or not, this wonderful bike features the RockShox Argyle fork with a 20mm thru-axle that lets you go bigger than ever before. Again, Avid’s discs permit the bike a great responsive stopping power. Therefore, riders can enjoy the flexibility of sudden stopping or accelerating adeptness.

4. 2015 NORCO RYDE 26 BIKE:

Riders who spend more time on air rather ground during their dirt jumping, 2015 Norco Ryde 26 bike is here for those. To strike on the ground with your formidable dirt jump Ryde’s tough Norco Chromoly top and downtube frame, that owns low stand-over height, a robust head tube, and horizontal dropouts, will definitely show the user-friendly approach.

Best Dirt Jump Bike

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