Best Cruiser Bikes


Riding bike on sea shore can be one of the most invigorating refreshments to anyone. But it is only possible when you own a perfect beach cruiser bike otherwise your stale best road bike may fail to provide you the genuine taste of cycling in the sea beach. The warm sand of beach will surely hinder your smooth riding if you don’t possess a right well made beach cruiser bike.

Again choosing a perfect cruiser is not a game of children. There are some factors that must be kept in consideration while making purchase decision otherwise you may have to pay higher for taking wrong decision.

Best Cruiser Bikes


Beach cruisers are not like other general road bikes rather they are constructed in order to utilize to a certain purpose. So it is also very obvious that there are surely some exceptional factors that are different from other bikes. Moreover, they also matter while making purchase decision.

  • Firstly, the most significant factor is the bike size. If you do not buy the proper sized bike accordance with your physical fitness, the entire taste of biking will be hampered due to its uncomfy positioning. In this regard, first of all, riders must decide whether they need men or women frame. After that the proper sized frame should be taken in consideration.
  • Secondly, the selection of frame material of cruiser bike is very important for having the strongevity and durability. There are either two materials by which cruiser frames are constructed- aluminium or steel. Steel frames are not that much well for long lasting use due to its poor components and heaviness.

After a wide range of test riding and research we found some best beach cruiser bikes and those are reviewed below:

Best Cruiser Bikes


In the list of the best cruisers the name of this 7 speed bike is a must. This one is manufactured by Fito and has a well performing record. Women’s Brisa is featured with lightweight yet anti-rust aluminum alloy frame. This makes the bike durable because of its anti-rust power. Moreover, this bike’s handlebar, stem, seatpost and rims are also made of aluminium alloy.

However, the rim size of this bike is 26 inches along with 26” H x 2.13” D tire dimensions and 26 inches wheelset. Furthermore, drivetrain along with Crank Forward Design and Shimano Tourney 7-speed derailleur, performs very smoothly.


Micargi Rover GX is structured specially for men who are around 5’2″-6’0″ in height. This bike presents a satisfying utility to the riders for their relaxed, comfortable ride. Although this one is framed with steel, it can provide riders the opportunity of tasting a pleasing riding flavour.

This bike is offered by Micargi as well as its 26 inches wheel size allows bikers to experience a smooth and faster riding quality with less energy force. KT 1-speed hub with coaster (pedal) brakes let the riders stop effectively whenever needed.

However, the weight limitation of this bike is 220 lbs and the tire pressure is up to 40 PSI. This lets the bike to be used for long uses in the heat of the beach.

Best Cruiser Bikes

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