How To Wheelie A Mountain Bike : Step-By-Step Guide

A wheelie is a tricky stunt on a bike which is performed by rolling on the rear wheel and raising the front wheel off the ground. If you have a mountain bike, you shouldn’t miss the thrill that comes from performing a wheelie with confidence up the hill.

Here’s the step by step guide on how to wheelie a mountain bike:

1. Put On Body Armor:

Don’t forget to put on protective gear such as helmet, padded shorts, knee and elbow pads etc. before you try to do a wheelie. Because if you loop backward accidentally, your skull, tailbone, and shinbone might get hurt a lot.

Wheelie A Mountain Bike

2. Prepare Your Bike:

  • You need a good center of balance to wheelie a mountain bike. Seat height must be lower than your handlebars. So lower your saddle as low as you can.
  • Lock out your rear shock if have a full suspension bike. A bouncing back will affect your balance negatively while performing a wheelie.
  • Check your rear brakes whether those are working properly. Back brakes play a vital role in a wheelie.
  • Always attempt wheelies on flat or platform pedals. Wheelie on a clipped in paddle can become a suicide mission.

3. Find Proper Area & Weather:

For practice, select a plain land with grass. If you want to wheelie up a hill, select one with a slight slope. It is easier to wheel uphill than down. Do not attempt wheelie on a rainy or windy day.

4. Take Position:

  • Put the bike into a gear 2 or 3 down from the easiest. Begin your wheelie at 8-16 km/h.
  • Turn the crank arm to the 11 o’clock position. Keep 1-2 fingers on the rear brake lever.
  • Keep your feet on the pedals, start with a steady pedal stroke. Hold the grips firmly and keep the handlebars straight.

5. Get Your Front Wheel Airborne:

  • Do a hard downstroke on one of the pedals, then lift the front wheel as hard as you can with an upward jerk on the bars.
  • Once the front wheel is up in the air, lean back immediately and continue pedaling. Try to maintain both vertical and sideways balance. If your bike leans sideways, stick your foot or knee out. Keep turning the bars to regain balance.
  • Now all you need is to lose all the fear of tipping over backward. The most common way to lose it is by pedaling with a hard stroke continuously and keep up with a wheelie. Try to hold it there as long as you start to feel like bailing out.

step by step guide

6. Land Safely:

Remember keeping your finger on the rear brake? Now it’s time to tap it. Feather your rear brake to bring the front wheel down softly. Keep the front wheel straight while doing it, otherwise you may lose balance.


Learning how to wheelie a mountain bike requires practice and enthusiasm. You also need to master your reflexes if you want to become a pro in wheelie.

How To Wheelie A Mountain Bike : Step-By-Step Guide

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