Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike: Your safe riding

If you talk about mountain bike then one of the best things you will hear is the fact that advanced technology and the finding of it’s way to a affordable model. Yor therefore do not require to spend vast amount of bucks on a mountain bike which is a great breaking news for your wallet. The next thing you need to do is to identify a mountain bike that will perform well according to your riding style. Here we will suggest you one of the best mountain bike that may suit you in any condition. The Genesis V2100 mountain bike, which swears to take on paved roads and rough trails alike.

Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike:
The genesis V2100 is a mountain Bike with some great exceptional features. It works smoothly and ensures that you had an amazing ride. The overall feature includes an aluminium MTB frame, a 21 speed shimano deraileur, a fork with 80mm travel and also including 26 inches tires for the wheels.You can never deny what this bike offers you. The package is fully excited with mindblowing performence.

Suspension Frame:
The most important thing for a mountain bike is it’s frame. It is extremely important as it plays role in determining the level of support that you will get from as you ride. In case of Genesis Men’s v2100 bike , you will get a full suspension framewhich is crafted from aluminium. The aluminium MTB frame will give you all the strength that you require without adding on the weight. You therefore get up with a lightweight and longlasting mountain bike.

In addition ,the bike has steel riser handlebars which allows you to control the bike on different terrain easily. The combination between the frame and the handlebar is simply unbelieveable.

Efficient stopping:

If you like to travel at high speeds then you need the confidence that you are prepared to stop quickly, smoothly and safely. For that reason the Genesis V2100 comes up with promax front disc brakes and also rear linear brakes. These brakes work in bike so that you can stop quickly and effectively on any terrain. You do not need to worry about your safety as the V2100 has the efficient power to stop.

26-Inch tires:

To describe tires, the V2100 prefers nimble 26-inch options. These wheels make it easy for you to direct the bike around tight corners,making V2100 as one of the most valuable options available. The tread on the tires are also quite respectable and it has the capacity to handle roads and light trails with ease. However if you choose more aggressive trail riding then you can change thr tires upto the limit. The option is always available.


  • Shimano Drivetrain shows a beautiful performance.
  • The bike is made comfortable with shocks.
  • The pedals are good enough to hold up.
  • Simple assembly
  • The frame is built sturdy.


  • Seats are not that comfortable. It should be changed. And you should go and find one withmemory foam/
  • You must change tires if you are going to take part in trail riding.
Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike: Your safe riding