Dirt Jump Bikes: Fly With a Bike


Everyone in this earth has a latent desire for flying. Although this may seem fictional, but nowadays, anyone can get the taste of flying being at surface. However, this only can be gotten by owning a strong, well equipped dirt jump bike. As this sort of bike is not so usual and general to the riders so before purchasing yours, you should have a clear view of it.

Basic Attributes of Dirt Jump Mountain bike:

Dirt Jump bikes are usually quite strong with 4 to 6 inches (100 to 150 mm) of front suspension, and rarely any rear suspension (3 to 4 inches, 76 to 100 mm, if any), with as many as nine gears or as few as one.

For a quality ride experience these bikes are constructed in such a way that they are able to roll faster with their well-made tire. With geometry of 24-26″ tires, as well as a bashring (a type of bashguard) replacing the largest ring on the crankset, dirt jumpers typically enjoy their sport. Dirt Jump bikes are usually structured with low seatposts and oversized handlebars.

Dirt fly jump bikes

The Best Dirt Jump Bikes:

Here we go with the best dirt jump bikes’ reviews:

1. 2015 Redline D26:

Discoursing of the best dirt jump bikes the name of 2015 Redline D26 is a must. This uniquely designed bike owns 26-inch wheels with a chromoly frame providing 100 mm of travel. This bike is able to catch the air by jumping and perform awesome tricks. As the D26 contains a hardtail frame, so it will be more maneuverable. That is why tricks will be easier to perform with softer landings.

The D26 has a gear ratio of 25/13. Combined with the 26-inch wheels, this gear ratio will give itself a gearing of 50 gear inches. With this you can climb most hills without having much trouble. But on flatter terrain, it may be difficult to gain higher speeds.

2. 2015 Specialized P.3 Bike:

If you want to get a marvellous thrilling experience of dirt jumping 2015 Specialized P.3 bike is waiting for you to offer you such excellent features that can be really appreciable to you. This legendary P.3 is constructed with butted A1 aluminum frame that can pop off your face with grace and ease. This premium light frame allows riders to own a strong yet tough ride that helps to handle progression over your ever-loving snot ride.

3. 2015 Giant STP SS:

Street, park, trail or uneven mountains wherever you want Giant STP SS is ready to cover them all. This ALUXX SL butted-aluminum framed bike possess prodigious strength for the pop you need to garret into the air and the confidence to set down. Further, with its versatility this bike features adjustable rear dropouts so that you can have the option to keep it singlespeed or roll with gears.


Dirt jump biking is not as much easy as it seems. To get the full secure and exciting ride you must have to own a suitable bike for yourself.

Dirt Jump Bikes: Fly With a Bike

Diamondback Edgewood: Ride in style



For fitness enthusiasts who are looking for stylish and comfortable ride Diamondback Edgewood is an excellent option as it is equipped with both of these qualities. It is a hybrid bike so it ensures a more efficient and comfortable ride. The bike is made of light frame construction which makes it easy to carry and gives off a much faster result than other bikes. For more details on the product please read the below information were features and review of the product is discussed in details.

Features of Diamondback Edgewood:

Here are some features of Diamondback Edgewood

Frame material: The frame material is composed of Aluminum 6061-T6 which ensures its strong and sturdy construction.

Smooth riding: The suspension fork is a 63mm travel sport front. This feature ensures the comfort of the riders by making the riding experience smoother and less jerky.

Gear: The gear is made of Shimano TX55 thus it is flexible and swift.

Review of Diamondback Edgewood:

Diamondback Edgewood has a classy design. It is comfortable to ride. It is suitable for everyone regardless of their shapes and sizes. The bike is made of quality material thus it is very durable. Despite of its good attributes, there are few drawbacks. The pros and cons of Diamondback Edgewood bike is mentioned below.


  • Has a concrete and sturdy construction.
  • Has a very stylish and a classy look.
  • The brakes ensure safe stopping.
  • The gear shifters are compact and smooth.
  • The bike is suitable for everyone.
  • It is made of good quality material which makes it very durable.
  • Bike frame is made up of low density material so it is easier to control.


  • The tires are not suitable for rough surfaces


Therefore for anyone who is looking for a stylish, efficient, strong and sturdy construction bike, Diamondback Edgewood is the ideal option. This bike makes up a wonderful companion for an adventurous but comfortable long rides.

Diamondback Edgewood: Ride in style