How Important to Wear Bicycle Helmet to Ensure Your Safety?

Although most people would agree that cycling helmets are the best way to protect your head when involved in an accident a lot of people consider these to be fairly low on their priory list for protection against injury. Many cyclists argue that through preventative measures such as maintenance and training, accidents can be avoided which creates a case against making cycling helmets obligatory.


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Ensuring that other road users can see you is one of the most important preventative measures you can take. You may notice that cyclists often wear bright colors and reflective vests to ensure they can be seen. Around 75% of fatal or serious cycling accidents occur in urban areas suggesting that these are busy city center situations where a lot of traffic is moving around so cyclists can be difficult to notice. Although not necessary, a bright cycling helmet can help with this, which is another argument for their use.

Brain Injuries

Out of all bicycle injuries, one out of eight of them are brain injuries. Individuals who wear bicycle helmets bring down the danger of brain damage by 88 percent.


The choice to put on that bicycle helmet could mean the distinction in the middle of life and death. Around 75 percent of bike related deaths of youngsters could have been anticipated by wearing a bicycle helmet. Helmets aren’t only for children, however; grown-ups run the same dangers.

Memory Loss

A solid hit to the head can bring about memory loss, for example, amnesia. As opposed to endure this current, it’s insightful to just wear a helmet in any case.

Bike Maintenance

Many of the people against creating a cycling helmet law argue that maintaining their bicycle to keep it safe is as effective at avoiding injury. Simple things such as ensuring the tires have enough tread and air in them can prevent minor injuries from the bike slipping over. However, more important than this is ensuring the brakes are working correctly. As 75% of cycling accidents happen at, or around junctions, having good brakes can make the difference between a near miss and a crash. It is important to ensure the brakes are in working order and effective.


Additionally, as 16% of serious injuries do not involve a collision with another vehicle, ensuring the bike is well cared for can prevent instances of the rider losing control due to poor steering or even feet slipping from broken pedals.


One of the most important ways you can stay safe whilst on a bicycle is by being cautious on the roads and observing the rules of the road. There is plenty of literature about road safety available including the Highway Code which will teach you the correct way to use the roads safely. Unfortunately this does not protect you from fellow road users who do not know the rules as well or do not see you. To help combat this, extra caution should be taken around junctions and you should expect people to pull out on you and cut across you. This ensures that if it happens you are ready for it. The longer you use the roads the more you will learn the mistakes other people make this will help ensure you can be aware of them and avoid them.


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How Important to Wear Bicycle Helmet to Ensure Your Safety?