9 Best Ways to Make your Holiday Season Memorable


To most families, holiday seasons are the best moments of bringing families together and making merry. In other words, holidays are great moments for throwing a few surprises to family members as you reflect on the moments of that year. It’s always a great moment of giving thanks to the creator for having favored the family members with the gift of life throughout the year.

Instead of showering your family members with electronics, toys and clothes, you can always give your family members memorable experiences by engaging in a few activities together. Family members especially kids remember and value family traditions. Below are 9 Best Ways to Make your Holiday Season Memorable.

  1. Cycling on the mountains and in forests

If you live on mountainous and forestry areas, cycling can be enjoyable to you and your family. Cycling through flat circuits, mountains and vineyards can be quite fun. Cycling through villages can be a lifetime experience to you and your family. It is through cycling that you can perfectly bond with your family. After a long cycling stretch, you can relax, pop up champagne and make merry at hospitable vineyards.


  1. Think about others

Holiday seasons are the best moments for checking out those who have little at local charities and online charities. You can provide for the less fortunate by giving them things that they really need like water pumps, school textbooks and animals for farming. When you give, you raise awareness amongst loved ones of those things that really matter during the holiday season.

You show love by giving, caring and sharing. Such activities always make holiday seasons memorable. When your family attends an event, take a moment and point out to your family that not everybody is fortunate.

Make sure that the kids are aware that not everyone is fortunate and that they should never take whatever they have for granted.

  1. Making an effort of going to see what others are doing during holidays

You can go out and see what others are doing during this season. Such ideas include;

– Taking walks to see Christmas lights- Taking a movie on whatever you are seeing and adding it on YouTube.

– Visiting a hospital- whether you are visiting other patients or children, holiday times are always difficult times for patients. Seeing cheering faces that come to visit them will always brighten their moments. Coming with fresh fruits or stuffed teddies is always welcoming.

– Visit public libraries and local museums- look for Christmas displays, storytelling sessions as well as Christmas themed activities that will provide an opportunity for your family to share with other people in group activities. Make the season joyous by engaging in group activities.

– Offer to help schools or pre-school Christmas parties- there is nothing as joyful as seeing kids smile. Make this a routine every year and you are guaranteed of having memorable holidays.

  1. Join the carolers

Do not just listen to them singing, go and be part of them. Roam the neighborhoods singing to everyone around songs of joy, love and peace. Spread the Christmas spirit directly.

  1. Make time for your family during the holidays

Most people work even during holidays until they miss on preparations. Make an effort to be on leave during this season and spend your time with your family making food, crafts and decorating holiday themes together. Go and do shopping with your family and visit a movie theater as well. Feel the real spirit of Christmas instead of bumping into it. Memories of harmony, tranquility and peace will always last longer.

Making lasting holiday memories does not mean that you must take your family out. As a matter of fact, you are capable of creating treasured experiences inside your house. This is in-fact a less expensive way of making your holiday season memorable since you do not have a lot of stress to make the occasion perfect. Take regular weeknight dinners and turn them into holiday meals by lighting candles on tables and dimming the lights. To cap it up, you can play holiday instrumentals in the background. You can then serve cider or sparkling juice in special glasses. Make it a special; night; this for sure will leave lasting memories for decades to come.

  1. Do not forget about those people who are not at home during holidays

There are types of people who do not go home during holidays. They include scientists in the Antarctica, troops, emergency doctors and volunteers who are in refugee camps. Show them that you think about them by phoning them and e-mailing them. Just ensure that they are part of your holiday celebrations in your mind and heart. Just make sure they know that you care.

  1. Invite new people for meals

Look out for lonely people and share a meal with them during the festive season. It could be someone who does not have a family or even a person who has been stigmatized because of sickness or family disputes. Holiday seasons must be moments of burying hatchets. They are moments of unfolding charitable spirits and sharing them amongst all. Invite specific people and have a Christmas dinner with them. Share the warmth amongst yourself while you open up your hearts.

  1. Buying living trees

This season festive season; instead of buying trees whose lives have been interrupted, buy living trees. Choose the one that will grow for several years to come. Plant it in a pot for it to grow a little bit before planting it in a garden. Explain the importance of doing this to your family; teach them the importance of showing respect to life by planting trees.

  1. Give small gifts to people you do not know

It could be that watchman in the neighborhood or that neighbor next door whom you have never talked to. Nobody can afford to refuse a wrapped gift during holiday seasons; this hospitality melts people’s hearts. It’s never about the gifts value, it’s about that pleasant surprise that brings joy.

If your family is indeed blessed, it’s always important to reach out to those who don’t look cheerful and share the joy. It’s also a perfect time for teaching kids the importance of giving rather than receiving.

9 Best Ways to Make your Holiday Season Memorable

Effective maintenance tips for new mountain bike

Cyclingninja mtb bike maintenance

Effective maintenance keeps a new mountain bike rolling safely all year round. Besides, the mountain bike will last longer and help to save labor costs.

Here are 6 effective maintenance tips for new mountain bike

Thorough cleaning

Keeping a new mountain bike clean on a consistent basis is one way of extending its life. Mountain bike owners should always clean their two-wheeler using a basic biodegradable cleaner, a brush, a sponge and a towel. Every part of the bike should be cleaned, including the seat, chain, frame, cassette, chain rings, derailleur, brakes, and pedals.

There is no need of using strong jets or bucket-loads of water for effective cleaning. A gentle rain-like spray or mist will effectively rinse way any soap residue.

Regular inspection of brakes

Brakes are a very crucial component of a new mountain bike. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ensure they are properly adjusted and they are in a good working condition. This allows the rider to flawlessly maneuver corners. Faulty brakes could cause loss of control leading to serious injuries. A thorough inspection of brake pads can keep your bike rolling for years.

Check the bolts and screws

This mostly applies to components that have a lot of torque, such as the chain. Such components tend to loosen after several rides. It’s important to check all bolts to ensure none is loose or missing. However, it’s not advisable to tighten the bolts every time a check-up is done since over-tightening can damage some components of the mountain bike.

Lubrication is a must!

Oil lubricant protects various components of a mountain bike, helping them to last longer and ensure a smooth ride. The parts of a mountain bike that should be lubricated include the chain, moving parts on the derailleur, exposed cable wire and the pivot point on the brake levers.

Lubrication reduces accumulation of dirt and grime to increase the performance of the moving parts. Furthermore, lubrication ensures smooth shifting and smoothing.

Check the cables

mtb Maintenance tools

Mountain bike cables are usually made from coiled metal wire or oil caged in a plastic housing. An inspection of the cable surrounding rubber housing for rust, cracks, dirt , crimps, and looseness improves the performance of a new mountain bike. If the cables are excessively worn out, it’s good to replace them for optimal performance.

Check the tires

Mountain bike tires provide traction with various surfaces, like gravel, mud, rocks, ladder bridges and so forth. Besides, they form a flexible cushion which helps smooth out bumps along the way, allowing for a more comfortable ride.

The tires should have adequate air pressure (the recommended pressure ranges between 30-45 psi). The tires should also be regularly checked for splits, cracks, cuts or tears. Moreover, the tread should be checked for uneven or excessive wear.

There is no excuse for component failure from wear and tear. It can all be prevented through regular inspection and maintenance.

It’s quite easy to take care of a new mountain. Making use the above-mentioned maintenance tips can mean the difference between riding all day and walking home.

Effective maintenance tips for new mountain bike