Best Dirt Jump Bike


For adventure lovers, one of the thrilling and exciting forms of recreation is Dirt Jumping. Dirt Jumping refers to a certain style of biking that contains tall jumps usually made of dirt and mud. Although they will often have a gap, it must be cleared.

Since this is not similar to other forms of cycling, you will need a special wheeled-vehicle to gain a hilarious yet safe dirt jumping experience. Moreover, the safety and the adventure level will depend on how good the machine is, that you have chosen. So, there is no other option to select the perfect dirt jump bike for yourself except gaining enriched knowledge about this special genre.


1. 2015 REDLINE D26:

Discoursing of dirt jump bikes the name of 2015 Redline D26 is not avoidable at all. The 2015 Redline D26 has been uniquely designed for dirt jump riding. It possesses 26-inch wheels with a Chromoly frame presenting 100 mm of travel. Generally, it is a dirt jump mountain bike.

This bike is specially designed to catch the air by jumping and perform awesome tricks. As the D26 owns a hardtail frame, so it will be more maneuverable than other of its competitors. That is why tricks will be easier to perform with softer landings. It is made of Chromoly (chrome molybdenum steel), which is lighter than traditional steel.


The second choice that should not be avoided is 2015 Specialized P.3 Bike. For getting a marvelous thrilling experience of dirt jumping 2015 Specialized P.3 bike is here waiting for you to allow you such excellent features that can be really appreciable as well as satisfactory to you.

This legendary P.3 is constructed with a butted A1 aluminum frame that can pop off your face with grace and ease. This premium light frame allows riders to own a strong yet tough ride that helps to handle progression over your ever-loving snot ride.

3. 2015 GIANT STP SS:

Our third choice comes with 2015 Giant STP SS which is another legend in the world of dirt jump bikes. Giant is presenting such a futuristic bike that can satisfy dirt jumpers’ thrust for ultimate frisson. This bike is quite capable enough to provide riders the ultimate pleasure of dirt jumping with its great features which will let you have handy tricks.

However, no matters whether there are shifty bits or not, this wonderful bike features the RockShox Argyle fork with a 20mm thru-axle that lets you go bigger than ever before. Again, Avid’s discs permit the bike a great responsive stopping power. Therefore, riders can enjoy the flexibility of sudden stopping or accelerating adeptness.

4. 2015 NORCO RYDE 26 BIKE:

Riders who spend more time on air rather ground during their dirt jumping, 2015 Norco Ryde 26 bike is here for those. To strike on the ground with your formidable dirt jump Ryde’s tough Norco Chromoly top and downtube frame, that owns low stand-over height, a robust head tube, and horizontal dropouts, will definitely show the user-friendly approach.

Best Dirt Jump Bike

Best Mountain Bike Grips


For the smoothness and comfort ness, the role of bike grips means a lot. Moreover, if it’s about mountain bike grips are the must to obtain. However, together with the handlebar and stem, they can form the control panel, which is what you use to steer your bike around corners, feed it on a descent, and lift it over obstacles.

Further, the introduction of single and double clamp grips has eliminated this problem, and they are now found all over the world. Here we are going to provide a comprehensive list of the best mountain bike grips that are currently available in the market and that can improve your cycling quality.



Discoursing of mountain bike grips the name of Race Face Half Nelson Grip is not avoidable at all. Race Face Half Nelson is an award-winning mountain bike grip which features in numerous reviews on the internet. It is interesting to note that this grip always ends up getting a 5 out 5 rating whenever it is reviewed.

However, at only 28mm diameter, this slim grip is well padded along with an amazing splash of feel that can hardly be compared to none. The Race Face Half Nelson is incredible with bare hands and can even do better with gloves on.

  • Lock-on aluminum clamp
  • Ergonomic design
  • UV stable rubber and toxin free compound
  • Color: Black, Red


This is the only mountain bike grip in the market that comes with the additional gel layers to ensure softer but firm grip with comfort. It is more durable since it is made of Kraton compound. This grip also contains gorgeous textured pattern on its top for improved traction.

This grip is highly recommended to the bikers of any kind who want to have a great controlled ride with super comfortable grips. On top of all, it’s very easy to install and costs less than $10.

  • Extra gel layer for comfortable grip
  • Kraton compound for extended durability
  • Textured pattern for enhanced traction
  • Weight: 181g
  • Color: Black


The ODI Ruffian grip is considered as a classic one in both BMX as well as mountain biking, and it is still delivering today. If you have ever had a chance of using the legendary ODI Ruffian grip before, you will know it feels great when it has worn out a bit.

However, with the new Soft Pro-Compound ODI Ruffian, you don’t have to wait for it to wear in a bit as it is tacky straight away. With just the right amount of stickiness and traction, the feel of the ODI Ruffian Grip is remarkable.

  • Ultimate comfort
  • Bonus pack includes grips, Lock Jaws and Snap Caps
  • Diamondized pattern for optimal traction
  • Ultra thin profile
  • Color: Black, White


The Azonic Logo is just a few tweaks from perfection and comes with some great attentions to detail. It may look like a small thing, but this grip comes with specific right and left-hand collars, therefore all the fixing bolts face in the same direction, meaning they are very easier to access when adjustments are needed.

  • DSP grip technology for maximum comfort
  • Anodized-aluminum lock-ons
  • Comes as grip set with plug-in and lock-ons
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue, Orange
Best Mountain Bike Grips

Best Cruiser Bikes


Riding bike on sea shore can be one of the most invigorating refreshments to anyone. But it is only possible when you own a perfect beach cruiser bike otherwise your stale best road bike may fail to provide you the genuine taste of cycling in the sea beach. The warm sand of beach will surely hinder your smooth riding if you don’t possess a right well made beach cruiser bike.

Again choosing a perfect cruiser is not a game of children. There are some factors that must be kept in consideration while making purchase decision otherwise you may have to pay higher for taking wrong decision.

Best Cruiser Bikes


Beach cruisers are not like other general road bikes rather they are constructed in order to utilize to a certain purpose. So it is also very obvious that there are surely some exceptional factors that are different from other bikes. Moreover, they also matter while making purchase decision.

  • Firstly, the most significant factor is the bike size. If you do not buy the proper sized bike accordance with your physical fitness, the entire taste of biking will be hampered due to its uncomfy positioning. In this regard, first of all, riders must decide whether they need men or women frame. After that the proper sized frame should be taken in consideration.
  • Secondly, the selection of frame material of cruiser bike is very important for having the strongevity and durability. There are either two materials by which cruiser frames are constructed- aluminium or steel. Steel frames are not that much well for long lasting use due to its poor components and heaviness.

After a wide range of test riding and research we found some best beach cruiser bikes and those are reviewed below:

Best Cruiser Bikes


In the list of the best cruisers the name of this 7 speed bike is a must. This one is manufactured by Fito and has a well performing record. Women’s Brisa is featured with lightweight yet anti-rust aluminum alloy frame. This makes the bike durable because of its anti-rust power. Moreover, this bike’s handlebar, stem, seatpost and rims are also made of aluminium alloy.

However, the rim size of this bike is 26 inches along with 26” H x 2.13” D tire dimensions and 26 inches wheelset. Furthermore, drivetrain along with Crank Forward Design and Shimano Tourney 7-speed derailleur, performs very smoothly.


Micargi Rover GX is structured specially for men who are around 5’2″-6’0″ in height. This bike presents a satisfying utility to the riders for their relaxed, comfortable ride. Although this one is framed with steel, it can provide riders the opportunity of tasting a pleasing riding flavour.

This bike is offered by Micargi as well as its 26 inches wheel size allows bikers to experience a smooth and faster riding quality with less energy force. KT 1-speed hub with coaster (pedal) brakes let the riders stop effectively whenever needed.

However, the weight limitation of this bike is 220 lbs and the tire pressure is up to 40 PSI. This lets the bike to be used for long uses in the heat of the beach.

Best Cruiser Bikes

How To Wheelie A Mountain Bike : Step-By-Step Guide

A wheelie is a tricky stunt on a bike which is performed by rolling on the rear wheel and raising the front wheel off the ground. If you have a mountain bike, you shouldn’t miss the thrill that comes from performing a wheelie with confidence up the hill.

Here’s the step by step guide on how to wheelie a mountain bike:

1. Put On Body Armor:

Don’t forget to put on protective gear such as helmet, padded shorts, knee and elbow pads etc. before you try to do a wheelie. Because if you loop backward accidentally, your skull, tailbone, and shinbone might get hurt a lot.

Wheelie A Mountain Bike

2. Prepare Your Bike:

  • You need a good center of balance to wheelie a mountain bike. Seat height must be lower than your handlebars. So lower your saddle as low as you can.
  • Lock out your rear shock if have a full suspension bike. A bouncing back will affect your balance negatively while performing a wheelie.
  • Check your rear brakes whether those are working properly. Back brakes play a vital role in a wheelie.
  • Always attempt wheelies on flat or platform pedals. Wheelie on a clipped in paddle can become a suicide mission.

3. Find Proper Area & Weather:

For practice, select a plain land with grass. If you want to wheelie up a hill, select one with a slight slope. It is easier to wheel uphill than down. Do not attempt wheelie on a rainy or windy day.

4. Take Position:

  • Put the bike into a gear 2 or 3 down from the easiest. Begin your wheelie at 8-16 km/h.
  • Turn the crank arm to the 11 o’clock position. Keep 1-2 fingers on the rear brake lever.
  • Keep your feet on the pedals, start with a steady pedal stroke. Hold the grips firmly and keep the handlebars straight.

5. Get Your Front Wheel Airborne:

  • Do a hard downstroke on one of the pedals, then lift the front wheel as hard as you can with an upward jerk on the bars.
  • Once the front wheel is up in the air, lean back immediately and continue pedaling. Try to maintain both vertical and sideways balance. If your bike leans sideways, stick your foot or knee out. Keep turning the bars to regain balance.
  • Now all you need is to lose all the fear of tipping over backward. The most common way to lose it is by pedaling with a hard stroke continuously and keep up with a wheelie. Try to hold it there as long as you start to feel like bailing out.

step by step guide

6. Land Safely:

Remember keeping your finger on the rear brake? Now it’s time to tap it. Feather your rear brake to bring the front wheel down softly. Keep the front wheel straight while doing it, otherwise you may lose balance.


Learning how to wheelie a mountain bike requires practice and enthusiasm. You also need to master your reflexes if you want to become a pro in wheelie.

How To Wheelie A Mountain Bike : Step-By-Step Guide

Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike: Your safe riding

If you talk about mountain bike then one of the best things you will hear is the fact that advanced technology and the finding of it’s way to a affordable model. Yor therefore do not require to spend vast amount of bucks on a mountain bike which is a great breaking news for your wallet. The next thing you need to do is to identify a mountain bike that will perform well according to your riding style. Here we will suggest you one of the best mountain bike that may suit you in any condition. The Genesis V2100 mountain bike, which swears to take on paved roads and rough trails alike.

Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike:
The genesis V2100 is a mountain Bike with some great exceptional features. It works smoothly and ensures that you had an amazing ride. The overall feature includes an aluminium MTB frame, a 21 speed shimano deraileur, a fork with 80mm travel and also including 26 inches tires for the wheels.You can never deny what this bike offers you. The package is fully excited with mindblowing performence.

Suspension Frame:
The most important thing for a mountain bike is it’s frame. It is extremely important as it plays role in determining the level of support that you will get from as you ride. In case of Genesis Men’s v2100 bike , you will get a full suspension framewhich is crafted from aluminium. The aluminium MTB frame will give you all the strength that you require without adding on the weight. You therefore get up with a lightweight and longlasting mountain bike.

In addition ,the bike has steel riser handlebars which allows you to control the bike on different terrain easily. The combination between the frame and the handlebar is simply unbelieveable.

Efficient stopping:

If you like to travel at high speeds then you need the confidence that you are prepared to stop quickly, smoothly and safely. For that reason the Genesis V2100 comes up with promax front disc brakes and also rear linear brakes. These brakes work in bike so that you can stop quickly and effectively on any terrain. You do not need to worry about your safety as the V2100 has the efficient power to stop.

26-Inch tires:

To describe tires, the V2100 prefers nimble 26-inch options. These wheels make it easy for you to direct the bike around tight corners,making V2100 as one of the most valuable options available. The tread on the tires are also quite respectable and it has the capacity to handle roads and light trails with ease. However if you choose more aggressive trail riding then you can change thr tires upto the limit. The option is always available.


  • Shimano Drivetrain shows a beautiful performance.
  • The bike is made comfortable with shocks.
  • The pedals are good enough to hold up.
  • Simple assembly
  • The frame is built sturdy.


  • Seats are not that comfortable. It should be changed. And you should go and find one withmemory foam/
  • You must change tires if you are going to take part in trail riding.
Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike: Your safe riding

Bike Multi-Tools : A Mini Mechanic in Your Pocket

Cycling is undoubtedly a perfect exercise as well as a media of transportation without fuel. In the course of time all over the world it’s getting more popular due to its immense pleasure, unlimited adventure and endless excitement. But while cycling sometimes we have to face some unexpected problems with our bike. And without any mechanic it becomes totally useless. To solve those unwanted problems we are here with some exclusive bike multi-tools that really work to make your bike as before.


CrankBrohters Multi-19 Tool: For amusement with safety CrankBrothers has introduced their one of the best product name M19 Multi-Tools. Those who really prefer the quality rather than any other thing this one is really for them. M19 comes up with a T25 Torx driver for disc brake, 7 hex wrenches, Four different sizes spoke wrenches, Two Phillips and two Flathead Screwdrivers and a universal chain tool.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Can solve all sorts of problems
  • Very light to carry.


  • Chain tool is problematic.

VeloChampion MLT10 is a great product of durability, versatility, affordability and functionality. It has introduced with T25 Torx, a Flat Screwdriver, a phillips screwdriver and seven Hex Wrenches of different sizes (2/ 2. 5/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 8 mm). Ten tools are in one Hex Wrench set which made of Alloy/ Steel/ Anodised.


  • Eye Catching design.
  • Includes all essential tools.


  • It’s not as lighter as described in the features.

Crank Brothers M17 Multi-Tools: Having a lucrative design it’s really a perfect one for the chosy bikers. This multi-tools features both a chain tool and a disc-brake-rotor-friendly Torx T25 Wrench alongside the regular package. M17 includes an 8mm and 10mm open wrench, both a flathead and Phillips screwdriver, seven hex wrench sizes # 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and four spoke wrenches sizes 0, 1, 2, 3.


  • Tools are made of 6051 high tensile steel.


  • Little bit heavy.

Topeak Alien Multi-Tool: For it’s user friendly pull-apart design this one is 1st choice of many amateurs and professional riders. The dimension of this product is 8 x 5 x 3 inches which weighs only 270g/ 0.60 lbs. It has 14-gauge and 15-gauge spoke wrenches, a T25 Torx, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm box-end wrenches, two tire levers, 15mm pedal wrench, a chain tool and a chain hook to help with chain repair.


  • Small and easy to carry with.
    It’s a versatile one.


  • Bulky one.

Lezyne V10 Multi-Tool: Lezyne V10 is a gorgeous looking fashionable multi-tool mainly chosen by the young adventure riders. To make this light one it comes up with CNC-machined 7075 aluminium side plates and a forged and a CNC’d chain breaker. This multi-tools includes T25, T30, Phillips Head 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8mm common sizes Allen Wrenches, Chain Breaker (9/10 SPD), 3.22, 3.45 Spoke Wrenches and mavic MTB.


  • It weighs only 4.8 ounces.
  • Very sturdy and well built.


  • Too light and small o do heavy repairing.
Bike Multi-Tools : A Mini Mechanic in Your Pocket

Dirt Jump Bikes: Fly With a Bike


Everyone in this earth has a latent desire for flying. Although this may seem fictional, but nowadays, anyone can get the taste of flying being at surface. However, this only can be gotten by owning a strong, well equipped dirt jump bike. As this sort of bike is not so usual and general to the riders so before purchasing yours, you should have a clear view of it.

Basic Attributes of Dirt Jump Mountain bike:

Dirt Jump bikes are usually quite strong with 4 to 6 inches (100 to 150 mm) of front suspension, and rarely any rear suspension (3 to 4 inches, 76 to 100 mm, if any), with as many as nine gears or as few as one.

For a quality ride experience these bikes are constructed in such a way that they are able to roll faster with their well-made tire. With geometry of 24-26″ tires, as well as a bashring (a type of bashguard) replacing the largest ring on the crankset, dirt jumpers typically enjoy their sport. Dirt Jump bikes are usually structured with low seatposts and oversized handlebars.

Dirt fly jump bikes

The Best Dirt Jump Bikes:

Here we go with the best dirt jump bikes’ reviews:

1. 2015 Redline D26:

Discoursing of the best dirt jump bikes the name of 2015 Redline D26 is a must. This uniquely designed bike owns 26-inch wheels with a chromoly frame providing 100 mm of travel. This bike is able to catch the air by jumping and perform awesome tricks. As the D26 contains a hardtail frame, so it will be more maneuverable. That is why tricks will be easier to perform with softer landings.

The D26 has a gear ratio of 25/13. Combined with the 26-inch wheels, this gear ratio will give itself a gearing of 50 gear inches. With this you can climb most hills without having much trouble. But on flatter terrain, it may be difficult to gain higher speeds.

2. 2015 Specialized P.3 Bike:

If you want to get a marvellous thrilling experience of dirt jumping 2015 Specialized P.3 bike is waiting for you to offer you such excellent features that can be really appreciable to you. This legendary P.3 is constructed with butted A1 aluminum frame that can pop off your face with grace and ease. This premium light frame allows riders to own a strong yet tough ride that helps to handle progression over your ever-loving snot ride.

3. 2015 Giant STP SS:

Street, park, trail or uneven mountains wherever you want Giant STP SS is ready to cover them all. This ALUXX SL butted-aluminum framed bike possess prodigious strength for the pop you need to garret into the air and the confidence to set down. Further, with its versatility this bike features adjustable rear dropouts so that you can have the option to keep it singlespeed or roll with gears.


Dirt jump biking is not as much easy as it seems. To get the full secure and exciting ride you must have to own a suitable bike for yourself.

Dirt Jump Bikes: Fly With a Bike